How I developed Mid Downs Radio Website



This project started from a simple Website that was already established but had no sense of direction. So, after talking about what we should keep from the old Website to mix with the new, it was time to Sketch down some ideas.



The next stage was the Build of the Website, every part of the Site was done from the basics, from taking the original colours to designing the new radio player, all was kept in line with the values of the original site but with a fresh new look. All of the design items were designed from the ground up in house.



After various Designs and Sketches we reached a final design, We proceeded with connecting the domain, creating a professional domain email client and finalising the Desktop Website and Mobile site ready for launch, with the ability to be developed further in the future, depending on the needs of the Client.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 12.58.11
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